• Designing
  • Refurbishing
  • Project management


Based on local regulations and situations we can design your villa.

We can integrate your wishes whilst keeping into consideration that you can live all year round in a comfortable manner. The running & maintenance costs should be kept as low as possible therefore its essential to find the best way of energy production & consumption.

With regards to future maintenance, it is essential to choose the right materials which will resist and age beautifully in the Algarve climate.



Based on local regulations and the existing situation of your property we will try to integrate all your wishes and find a way to bring together the new installations such as cooling, heating, water & electricity. These will be in line with the current standard so that after completing your renovation your property will be completely new.


Project management

Based on the correct architectural & technical drawings, we can tender and control the building process.

Vale do Lobo
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Vale do Lobo
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